Saturday, December 08, 2007

I stand in a darkened doorway

Frigid with chill from the bitter autumn eve.

Leaves stuck to my shoes as

The trees take their sleep

Ceasing to hide the violent gray sky.

Peering through stretched spindly fingers

I think of another ring added with another year.

Under a coarse pitted surface

The flowing sapping lifeblood which I would

Never know unless I fell them down.

So back to the doorway, and back to my chill...

I stand seeking shelter, wishing for a hearth

To banish and vanish in, a warm imagination.

What will I get here, will you let me

Not only darken your doorway,

But be as a spark to your hearth?

Tacked to the doorway, sunflower and sign,

Bearing the word these weary ears

Long so dearly to hear.


And I wonder.

Would I be welcomed?

If I rapt loudly on this darkened doorway,

Shoes clung with leaves

Disturbing your sleep?

If you saw me would you know me?

See beyond the coarse surface

To the coursing lifeblood below,

Beyond all the years and gray skies?

No matter have far I've fallen?

No matter how dark the doorways I've left,

To blow like the leaves onto yours?

I bring in a chill but my spark still burns brightly.

I've come only for one word

To stoke the spark and kill the chill.

To banish and vanish in, a warm invitation.

A sign and a sunflower,


Posted by Scott Hendrickson at 12:45 PM  


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